Hello, I am Cleelia!

Born in Tallinn, Estonia. Growing up as part of this little northern nation with a unique language and deeply rooted traditions taught me to be resistant, resilient and resourceful while strongly appreciating the richness of nature and the beauty of the four seasons. Studying a semester in Sweden in 2003 and moving to Portugal in 2005 were the life-changing events of my early adult life.


My academic path  - Accounting Degree from Tallinn College of TalTech, Masters and PhD in Management from ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa - together with my professional path (as an Accountant, Recruitment Trainee and Hostel Manager) have provided me with a solid base and loads of inspiration throughout my entrepreneurial journey. Co-founding and managing Lisbon Dreams Spaces (hospitality & accommodation) since 2009 has offered me the full range of experiences – challenges and rewards – related to being an entrepreneur.


Life happens and 15 years later I am still living in Lisbon – the city I keep falling in love with and keep calling my home. Raising with my husband our 4 bi(tri-lingual) kids (including a pair of twins) in cross-cultural family context has been a crazy-fun adventure. Parenthood has been so-far the “job” that made me grow the most as human being, while teaching me about mindfulness, balance and priorities in life.


Since early on I learnt the importance of dreams and imagination, but also the importance of working for our dreams to happen. I have been passionate about personal growth and development for couple of decades and benefitted from my amateur- self-coaching throughout my life. Becoming a coach and helping others to activate their internal resources to live their best life, has been a dream of mine for a long time. I have tried to ignore this dream, but you know how it is with our internal voice! It just will not shut up.

So here I am. I hope to be of service to You – to empower You to discover your internal resources and resourcefulness for achieving Your existing desires or creating new pathways for Your life. As Life and Business Coach I will be following in my sessions the solution-focused approach of Erickson Coaching and ICF guidelines. We can meet in Estonian, English or Portuguese.


I hope to hear from You soon!



"Becoming a coach and helping others to activate their internal resources to live their best life, has been a dream of mine for a long time."