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You are an entrepreneur! You have made it! Your courage and your accomplishments are to be celebrated! 

Being an entrepreneur is as demanding as it is exciting. You are not afraid of the responsibility and the unknown, yet you want to be in a better headspace to avoid overwhelm and to tackle the daily challenges.

You want to live in alignment with your heart and with your priorities, moving intentionally towards your dreams.

You want to experience more balance between different parts of your life.

You want to take better care of yourself and be present for the people you love.

You desire to grow as a leader, creating positive impact around you and building your own legacy. 

You want to work with someone who listens and holds space for you without judgement. Someone, who helps you to connect you with your inner wisdom and feel resourceful. 

That´s where I come in.

I have been an entrepreneur for about 15 year. I know the challenges, the (occasional) loneliness, but also the sweet flavour of freedom and the temptation of endless possibilities.


Through asking powerful questions I will help you to gain clarity about how is everything. I will hold space for you and challenge you on your way to figure out what is it you want to feel/ experience/ achieve.  I will empower and inspire you to be resourceful and come up with the wisdom of what needs to be done on your way there. I will be your accountability partner and celebrate with you.


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