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Born in Tallinn, Estonia. Growing up as part of this little northern nation with a unique language and deeply rooted traditions taught me to be resistant, resilient and resourceful while strongly appreciating the richness of nature and the beauty of the four seasons. Studying a semester in Sweden in 2003 and moving to Portugal in 2005 were the life-changing events of my early adult life.


Life happens and 16 years later I am still living in Lisbon – the city I keep falling in love with and keep calling my home. Raising with my husband our 4 bi(tri-lingual) kids (including a pair of twins) in cross-cultural family context has been a crazy-fun adventure. Parenthood has been so-far the “job” that made me grow the most as human being, while teaching me about mindfulness, balance and priorities in life.

My curious mind and adventurous freedom-loving nature drove me nearly 15 years ago to entrepreneurship. Co-founding and managing a hospitality business since 2009 has offered me the full range of experiences challenges and rewards – related to being an entrepreneur.  While my academic path and professional experiences provided me with a solid base for entrepreneurship, it has been my passion for travelling and hotels that has inspired and empowered me throughout this journey.


Since early on I learnt the importance of dreams and imagination, but also the importance of working for our dreams to happen.  My long - time passion for personal growth and development has helped me to navigate the important changes and transitions of my life, from adapting to a new country and culture, changing safe employment for entrepreneurship, moving from 2 kids to 4 at once, among others. Becoming a coach and helping others to navigate changes and to activate their internal resources in order to live their best life, has been a dream of mine for a long time. I have tried to ignore this dream, but you know how it is with your internal voice! It just will not shut up.


Changing lives through coaching has become part of my passion and purpose..

What if you did not end up on my page by coincidence..

I hope to hear from you soon!


Hello, I am Cleelia!

Cleelia´s Background

14+ years professional experience as hospitality entrepreneur

International Coaching Federation member and Associate Certified Coach (ICF ACC)

Erickson International Coach Diploma, an ICF accredited program

Ph.D. in Management, ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon

MSc in International Management, ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon

BSc in Accounting, Tallinn College of TalTech



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