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You Have a Dream

You wish to follow the burning desire within you and live your life to the fullest.


You are tired of building somebody else´s dream! You are ready to live in alignment with your heart and with your priorities, moving intentionally towards your own dreams.

Instead of waking up worried and stressed about your day ahead in the office or a business that does not make you happy, you dream of waking up every morning filled with energy and excitement, living and creating the life of your dreams.

You wish to uncover your gifts and your purpose, to feel what you do is meaningful and impacts positively also others around. 

You know you are meant to go for it..

But perhaps..

  • You lack clarity about what is it that you want and why you want it.

  • You are lost on the journey of uncovering your purpose in life, yet you do know that what you are doing now is not what you are meant to do.

  • You desire to create more freedom, time and balance in your life.

  • You lack confidence and courage to start making serious changes in your life.

  • You worry about your financial stability and people that depend on you - is it even responsible to change and take such big risk?

  • You feel alone in this desire for change - yearning for somebody to challenge you, guide you, cheer for you and hold you accountable.

  • You are simply afraid of failure, but sometimes also of success.

  • Your imposter syndrome is kicking in "who am I to do this?"

  • You need help with building a solid plan and roadmap for further action.

  • You are all over the place, not really sure about where to start your journey.

That´s where I come in!

Either you are in the very beginning of this journey
(oh maybe you did not yet even admit your desire out loud) or you have already taken few steps, I`ve got you covered!

I have navigated change and transformation throughout my life, adapting to a new country and culture, changing safe employment for entrepreneurship, moving from 2 kids to 4 at once. I know firsthand the challenges change brings, but I also know the endless power of our mind and the sweet flavour of life when we dare to dream and be courageous!

The Bridge


  • 12 x 60minute 1-to-1 coaching sessions

  • Home-work assignments and list of educational inspiring resources

  • In-between sessions check-ups for accountability

  • Well-defined vision and plan of action for YOUR LIFE


You will gain clarity about yourself and your dreams and vision.


You will turn your fears into opportunities and develop courage and confidence to take action.


You will connect with your passion, purpose and inspiration, tapping into your innate creativity and different perspectives & possibilities.


You will set SMART goals aligned with your values and vision and develop strategies and habits of focus and consistency.



  • You will get to know yourself better and gain clarity about what does success on your own terms look like.

  • You will be challenged and supported through powerful questioning in a non-judgemental safe space.

  • You will connect with your innate wisdom and resourcefulness.

  • You will take your first steps on your  journey of transformation trough gaining clarity and building courage, vision and plan of action.

Are You Ready To Follow Your Dreams?

Are you ready to stop daydreaming and start taking steps towards creating the life of your dreams?
Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and start taking bravely action?
In case your answer is YES, then I might be able to help you to get started!
ATTENTION! This program will only work if you are serious about your dreams and ready to go for it!

Share a bit about yourself below and I´ll be in touch soon to schedule a free 45 minute discovery call.

Where ar you now? (Put an X to all that apply.)
What is holding you back (Put an X to all that apply.)

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