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Bridging the gap
between dreams
& reality

I help women to turn their vision into reality by removing mental barriers from creating a new version of themselves and their lives

You know you’re not living

your life to the fullest.
Deep down, you know you

deserve so much more.  


You keep playing small.

  • You know there is more out there for you - maybe you do not know what that "more" is, but you do know there is more!

  • You wish to have courage to follow your heart and to live more authentically.

  • Self-belief and confidence for taking action need an extra boost.

  • Limiting beliefs or imposter thoughts are running the show.

  • You might be facing an "upper limit problem" !

  • You wish to unlock your level of creativity and resourcefulness.

  • You desire to change your self-image and identity in order to carry out your dreams.

  • You dream of starting your own business or wish to take your business to the next level.



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Dream Mapping Blueprint

This Dream Mapping Blueprint provides you with a roadmap to gaining clarity and staying focused on your journey towards your dreams.

Hi, I am Cleelia!

I am here to help you to transform your life!

With over 15 years of hands-on entrepreneurial experience, while raising 4 kids in cross-cultural context, together with PhD in Management and International Coaching Certificate (ICF ACC), I am uniquely equipped and highly driven to help women like you to unlock their inner potential to create lives and businesses of their dreams.


Remember, every transformation begins from within.

Are you ready to take that empowering first step with me? Let's embark on this journey together!



See how women like you

have transformed their lives..


I entered my first coaching call with Cleelia a few months ago and distinctly remember saying, “Honestly, I am so happy with my life that I’m not quite sure what you can help me with but I’m happy to meet you!”

And then Cleelia and I had a coaching session. And another session. And another session and…
Fast forward to today and I have changed my career, addressed insecurities within myself, become a better partner, and done powerful work to make sure I'm making decisions for the right reasons for me. Cleelia's spot-on questions and powerful discussions led me to become a better advocate for myself in all aspects of my life and I would wish this kind of transformation for everyone. I can't wait to continue working with Cleelia, as I truly believe there is no end to the results you can achieve with a qualified coach such as her. 

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