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Confidence & Mindset Coaching for Dreamers, Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Ready to create some magic in your life & business?


You want to live a life you love. You want it all. You want the fun, the freedom, the path with purpose. 

But somehow you are struggling to find the balance in your life.


You often find yourself overwhelmed and anxious.


You second-guess your ideas and your actions. Lack of self-belief and self-confidence, as well as impostor syndrome are no strangers to you.


You struggle with boundaries and balance.

Your multi-passionate being desires more clarity. 

You get stuck thinking excessively about the greater meaning, your purpose and your impact. 

You dream of being more authentic, more of yourself, in your life - you dream of TAKING BACK YOUR POWER!

If any of this sounds familiar, then I am happy to tell you that I can help you on this journey! I have been (and still am) on this journey, knowing too well all the challenges. 


As a coach I am here for you to offer you a safe space for self-reflection, I challenge your limiting beliefs, helping you to cultivate self-belief and growth mindset.


And my favourite of all, I make you SEE AND BELIEVE IN POSSIBILITIES. 


Hi, I am Cleelia!

Born in Tallinn, Estonia. Living in Lisbon, Portugal since 2005.


Life-long believer in the power of cultivating one´s internal resources for overcoming challenges and for fulfilling one's dreams.


Bringing to coaching practice a unique combination of insights from academic background, entrepreneurial experience, wisdom from cross-cultural living and a set of professional coaching skills.


Following the solution-focused approach of Erickson Coaching and ICF guidelines in Estonian, English and Portuguese.


Natalia Gomolka, Life Coach (UK)


 I wholeheartedly recommend working with Cleelia. She supported me in the early stages of creating my coaching business, and during a 10-weeks process, boosted my confidence and the drive to pursue my dream career. Cleelia offered me an excellent level of support and guidance while at the same time challenging my limiting beliefs and helping overcome the fear of being visible online. She encouraged me to expand my comfort zone and truly show up for my business and my clients. After my coaching with Cleelia, I became more confident promoting my business online and speaking about my self-development journey. I became more committed to growing my business, showing up consistently, and making bold decisions like investing in my coaching certification, even though it felt out of my reach. Every session with Cleelia brought me more clarity and enthusiasm about my career. She has a talent for calling out on the BS while at the same time providing a warm and nurturing atmosphere. I'm immensely grateful for her guidance and for supporting my growth as a coach and an entrepreneur.

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