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How Do You Climb a Mountain That High?

If we imagine our life as a journey on a road, every now and then, a mountain shows up blocking the way. It is just the way it is. Despite incredible blessings and opportunities, life also throws at us some challenges. How do we climb that mountain? How do we get to the other side?

Like everybody, I have experienced during the last couple of decades a fair share of challenges (from cultural adaptation to entrepreneurial roadblocks, from a real worry about carrying a healthy baby to parenthood mysteries, at all times sprinkled with the usual being-human-related hardships), but also incredible amount of blessings and a fulfilment of ticking off many items on my Dreams-to-be-completed list. All truth to be told, most of these challenges (but also some of the dreams) have felt in the beginning at first hand like mountains impossible to climb..

If there is anything I have learnt about challenges throughout my life (and worth sharing as inspiration to somebody else) is the importance of taking time to pause and surrender to the uncontrollable. It is important to make peace with what we are not able to control, so that we would have energy to move on focusing on what we can control, focusing on finding solutions and creating a new path.

Surrendering to the uncontrollable has never been an obvious choice for my reactive-over-worrying-self. It has been only recently that the wisdom of years has started to speak louder. I have understood the importance of managing one`s energy and attention ("where attention goes, energy flows"). The year 2020 has been such an incredible teacher when it comes to the uncontrollable and controllable.

How do you climb your mountains? What has 2020 taught you?


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