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Self-Awareness is Magic

Looking for some extra magic in our life for 2021? ✨ Believe it or not - there is some real magic in cultivating self-awareness.

Simply put, self-awareness is our knowledge and understanding of our own character. It is our ability to introspect and reflect on our strengths and weaknesses, our feelings, emotions, beliefs and desires.

Self -awareness is the base for changes and improvement. It is difficult to bring along any change or improvement without taking time to understand who we are, where we are and where do we want to go. Once we get to know ourselves better, we are better equipped to move towards our desires. Either it is about finding some extra meaning, bringing along more joy or boosting our willpower - the higher clarity about ourselves tends to be the magic ingredient towards succeeding.

Of course looking inside ourselves can be uncomfortable and we might not like all that we see.. Yet, once we accept the discomfort, we will feel empowered to change what we think is necessary. We will become more authentic in our ways.💡

So what can You do to boost your self-awareness? There is a long list of possible ways to go about this matter, there is no one size fits all, so find what works for you:

1) meditation - simple exercises of following your breath is a good start

2) mindfulness practice - be in the present moment, observe yourself

3) journaling - e.g. writing about your emotions and feelings, making a stock list of your strengths and weaknesses, defining your basic values

4) talking to others around You - family and friends - asking feedback about Yourself

Why not to gift to Yourself this year some quiet time to think and to reflect?


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