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Are You Going to Invest In YOU In 2021?

Have You thought about investing in self-development?

Self-development is about pursuing personal growth, it is about knowing oneself and one´s limitations. It is a process of gradual improvement of character and capabilities. It is about learning new skills, overcoming limitations and creating possibilities. Self-development goes hand in hand with self-awareness. Once you set on this journey, it is hard to turn back.

How can you start your journey of self-development?


Take action to gain self-awareness and knowledge about yourself (self-reflection , journalling, meditation). There are many ways to go about it. You can start with taking stock of your life (yourself) as it is and creating a vision of how you would like your life (yourself) to be.


Read personal development books (get to know the concepts relevant you).

Watch ted-talks and listen to podcasts (fill yourself with inspiring stories relevant to your story)


Once you have gained some wider self-awareness and increased knowledge, take action. It is only through action that we can truly see the impact of new knowledge and skills come alive. Once you do your research you will be equipped with tools to start moving towards that end goal. Keep in mind that self-development is an ongoing process, there will always be new angles to discover and develop.. One step at a time.

In case you do not want to start or be on this journey alone you can always hire a life coach. A coach will not have the answers for you, but most definitely (s)he will provoke your thought-process and creativity and hold a safe space for you while you tap into your inner wisdom.

So what is Your plan for 2021?


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