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The Joy of Living In Alignment

There is no greater joy in life than living in alignment with your higher self, your truth, your deeper knowing.

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

Said all that, I am pretty sure that many people live on autopilot, conditioned by their limiting beliefs, ongoing life circumstances and the evergreen external expectations, consumed by all of that and without giving really that much thought to such deep matters.

And this is no fun at all as a lot of your power and life fulfilment is hidden in your deeper truth. Living in alignment with your heart opens up so many possibilities for happier more satisfying life. As Iyanla Vanzant says it “when you are in alignment with the desires of your heart, things have a way of working out.”

Photo by Giu Vicente on Unsplash

What Does It Mean To Live in Alignment?

Living in alignment is simply put following “the desires of your heart”. It is about living your truth and embodying your authentic self. We all have that inner knowing, that deeper wisdom and natural intuition somewhere in the background. We all know the answers to the important questions of our life (if only we chose to ask the important questions more often!). Living in alignment means living guided by your core values, respecting your uniqueness and trusting your inner wisdom. It is about tapping into your deeper knowing. It is about following your own unique compass to show you the way. It is not only about experiencing your life, but more than that, it is about creating your life. Photo by Giu Vicente on UnsplashWe start out this life believing in kindness, we are open to possibilities and magic. We know when we feel good, we know what makes us happy, we feel the joy of simple things without any second thought. We are excited about learning, discovering and experimenting. But the older we get, the more limited we become. We learn the rules, the beliefs, the expectations of those surrounding us. And while this learning is all valuable for us to survive and fit into the society, it is not all “gold”. We also learn beliefs and limitations that are not ours and won’t really serve us when aiming for living a meaningful fulfilling life. At all times, it is important to increase our self-awareness and seek our own truth.

5 Signs of Being Out of Alignment

As mom of twins I have had the gift to witness firsthand the uniqueness of two little human beings from their early days. We are all born unique and authentic, at least this is how we definitely start out our journey.

And then life happens. While some of us do manage to follow their truth all the way, most people sooner or later tend to arrive to a point in life when a little reboot of the connection with one’s authentic self might be needed. We might wake up one day realising that we are doing something or wanting something in our life for the wrong reasons.

In case you experience any of the following five signs, it is time to work on your reconnection and alignment:

  1. You struggle finding joy and excitement in your life – it is all about just getting things done and moving to the next day.

  2. You do not feel like celebrating your life and accomplishments.

  3. You lack exciting future goals or events to look forward to.

  4. Your relationships with those around you are rocky and often a source of disappointment.

  5. You have lost your interest towards your job or you are burying yourself in working.

[Just to be clear here that if such feelings occur due to mental health conditions, it is needed to seek for professional help.]

How To Reconnect With Your Authentic Self

Either you are experiencing any of these above mentioned situations or not, it is certainly beneficial to establish an ongoing practice of checking in with your truth. Simple exercises that can go a long way. What matters is that you create yourself space to think about things without distraction. Whatever works for you the best, is the best way for you! Either you do a meditation practice, go for a run or sit down to journal — all of them are perfect for checking in with yourself.

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

Here are some of my favorite steps to start to increase one´s self-awareness that paves the path of alignment:

  1. Gain awareness about your core values — what are the values and beliefs about life that you really cherish in your heart.

  2. Create your vision for happy fulfilling life — what is is that you really desire to experience during your time here on earth? What would you do or who would you become if nothing would stop you?

  3. Start taking decisions and designing actions based on your values and vision. Whenever in doubt, check in with yourself and with your values. Take time to contemplate and notice the signs of your body and listen to your inner knowing.

And of course, practice gratitude and positive attitude. Whenever feeling down or lost or out of alignment, make sure to create space for yourself to check in with yourself and then start taking baby steps towards a better place.

  • Find the source of your joy.

  • Practice gratitude, keep appreciating the little miracles around you.

  • Do not force it, go with the flow and trust your journey.

And soon enough you will feel more aligned with your truth. And when you feel that you will also feel more fulfilment and meaning and moments of happiness in your life.



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