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The Really Important First Step When Starting a Business

“When you know your why, you will know your way.” (Michael Hyatt)

This article was published in Startup Stash, on 08.04.2022

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? (Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash)

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business?

Do you want to feel as if you are more in charge of your life?

Do you desire to have more freedom?

Do you want to do more of what you love to do?

As a coach I speak often with somebody who is dreaming of starting their own business. Their desire (or should I say the fire) burns from within. There is this dream of creating a life and success on your own terms. There is this dream of creating bigger freedom to create, freedom to choose, freedom to contribute, freedom to be.

Based on my own more than a decade-long entrepreneurial journey I can say that it is not always easy but it is so worth it. There is a lot of responsibility, but there is also a lot of space for growth, joy and freedom. Being an entrepreneur has made it possible for me to be present time-wise for my children much more than for an average local mom. It has also provided me with more flexibility to travel whenever needed. These are my priorities, these are things that are part of my “success on my own terms” formula. No doubt that your formula can be different!

So How Should You Start This Journey?

It is common to feel a lot of fear due to uncertainty that becoming your own boss will bring. It is not easy to give up on secure employment with all the benefits. It is terrifying to give up a fixed pay date. Starting a business requires a lot of courage and ease with your own vulnerability. I know so well all this. But yet.. I also know that on the other side of this fear lies the world of possibilities. Trust me, once you cross that line, it starts to be more difficult to go backwards.

Starting your own business will make you grow in ways you would not be able to do when working for others. You can build a life with more quality — with more time spent on what you love and financial security. You will develop the capacity to adapt and pivot and detect new opportunities. All this is possible.

“I also know that on the other side of this fear lies the world of possibilities.” (Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash)

Yet I know that the beginning is not always easy. It is not easy to step out of your comfort zone, to leave behind your safety nest. There is no doubt you have to feel something strongly pulling you towards it. The excitement, the desire and sometimes also pure need have to be bigger than your fears.

The good thing is that most of the time you can prepare yourself a bit for this journey. You can reduce your risks and fears. You can save up some resources to create a safety buffer for yourself. You can start out with your business as a side hustle. You can work on your mindset — it does not have to be all or nothing, it can be a test, an adventure. You will always have the option to apply again for a job if you choose to.

So What Is That First Really Important Step To Take?

The first really important step to take is to check-in with yourself on the deepest level. It is to become crystal clear about your WHY.

Why do you want what you want? What is your bigger picture or vision behind this desire to start your own business? What does success on your terms look like for you? Who else will benefit from your dream of starting this business? Who do you need to become to start this journey?

The answers to these questions will fuel your passion. Whatever is your goal or dream, the more passionate you feel about it, the more likely it is that you will follow through and make it happen. Your passion will fuel your determination and determination is really needed on this journey.

Passion shows the way. (Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash)

The first step to take is to figure out your purpose, your WHY! Your WHY is the fuel that will keep you moving. And like Simon Sinek puts it, your HOW and WHAT will follow.

What is the WHY of your dream of starting a business?


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